While many other Vietnamese enterprises investing in high-tech agriculture often prefer solutions from abroad, the High-Tech Agricultural Farm located in Bac Ninh is proud of its design, construction, installation, development of monitoring software, automatic control, and “Internet of Things” (IoT), which are all performed by the farm’s engineers and Vietnamese partners.

Delco Farm with an area of about 6ha owned by Delco Agri Joint Stock Company is located in Thuan Thanh district, Bac Ninh province. This is one of the first smart agriculture models integrating IoT (Internet of Things) following the trend of Industry 4.0.

With the strong belief in Vietnam’s ability to develop High-Tech Farming solutions which are relatively expensive if being purchased from foreign partners, all design, construction, installation, system integration, software development activities are performed by Delco and Vietnamese partners such as VNPT Technology and VieLina.

All phases from harvesting, controlling water volume and humidity, etc. can be performed easily by simple buttons thanks to the application of IoT connectivity options in models. As a result, farming activities are highly efficient.

The 1000m2 of the vegetable farming area is designed with 52 hydroponic plots, two of which are used for testing, researching new plant varieties and the remaining plots are used for growing vegetables.

Lettuce is chosen to be planted on the farm because of its nutrient richness.

Currently, there are two 1700m2 gardens for growing KimoJi melon.

Although the price of KimoJi melon planted on the farm is higher than the market price, it is still preferred by customers due to its superior quality.

The technicians are processing melon seeds in the lab.

During the operation, our farming engineers are always present on the farm to check the system operation status and vegetable growth. Only 9 workers are required for a 6ha farm.

The poultry farming area is where the inputs are strictly controlled, factors of nutrition, medicine and others related to animal health are taken into consideration.

Around 15,000 chickens are raised in the 1500m2 of the poultry farming area. The rows of chicken coops are equipped with a fresh air supply system, a system collecting toxic gases from the inside out, an air cooling system on the roof, and a heating system in winter.
Chicken farming is operated by utilizing IoT technology, enabling to maintain up to 92% of calving performance until the 9th month while this ratio in the market is around 80 – 82%.

Workers are harvesting and processing eggs on the chicken farm.

Despite the application of high technology, Mr. Le Khanh Manh, Director of Delco Agri – the owner of the farm stated that: “Our philosophy is that automation can replace human power most effectively, but cannot be used in agricultural product care because this job requires meticulousness and the love of the caregiver.”